Thursday, 11 February 2010

Surely, we can agree on some things...

London for a Secular Europe

We support:

· Women's equality and reproductive rights
· Equal rights for LGBT people
· A secular Europe - immune to the Vatican's agenda
· One law for all, no religious exemptions from the law
· State neutrality in matters of religion and belief

We oppose:

· European Union collusion with religion (Lisbon Treaty Article 16c)
· The special status of the Vatican in the United Nations
· State-funded faith schools
· The economic privilege and political influence of the Vatican in Italy
· Taxpayers funding the Pope's State Visit to the UK this September
· Misogyny, homophobia, fascism, racism and xenophobia

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

We support:

· Women's dignity and reproductive rights which safeguard the protection of the unborn child.
· Human rights for all which defend human dignity and freedom
· A fair and just Europe - immune to the secular, atheistic, amoral agenda
· Just law for all, with no exemptions
· Dialogue with the State in matters of faith and morals

We oppose:

· European persecution of freedom of religion (see the Italian Crucifix 'outrage')
· The special status of the secular agenda in government agencies and supra-national institutions
· Faith-funded state schools (faith schools pay more remember)
· The economic privilege, political influence and media bias of the atheistic, secularist agenda
· Taxpayers funding abortion, the LGBT political movement and the sexualisation of the very young
· Misogyny, homophobia, fascism, racism and xenophobia, ignorance and prejudice of any kind

There is so much more that we could say about what we support and what we oppose, but surely, we can agree on some things....

We wish to defend the dignity and liberty of all. They wish to defend the rights of some at the expense of many.

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Richard Collins said...

Agreed.....we need more of the 'Soldiers for Jesus Christ' mentality, bring on the Rosaries!

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