Thursday, 4 February 2010

Watch out for the Lady Masons, David!

How long O, Lord...How long? An image from the British climate change horror, 'Flood'. If there is only one just man in there, Lord, then we know You will spare them!

The Guardian reports that...

David Cameron used House of Commons facilities to host an event for the freemasons, documents released today reveal. The documents cover dining facilities in the Palace of Westminster that were hired by members of parliament to host events for outside organisations.

The Tory leader hosted a tea event for the West Oxfordshire Lady Freemasons on 28 October 2008. The records show that the event was held in dining room C and 14 people were expected.

The documents released today cover the period from 1 April 2004 to 30 September 2009, and run to 255 pages. Cameron also appears to have an interest in oral health. Cameron hosted three events for the British Dental Health Foundation, one for Mouth Cancer Week, and twice he hosted the launch of National Smile Month. The last time was in May 2009, when his opinion poll lead looked solid.

Neither the prime minister, Gordon Brown, nor the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, are recorded as having hosted events in the Palace of Westminster. The rules bar the use of the facilities for directly raising money. Many MPs used the facilities to host events for charities or non-profit organisations. Some used facilities for their local parties, with some being used for lobbying firms.

I trust that lady masons have other methods of revealing their membership of the Freemasons to their sisters than do the men! Ahem...Anyway, I'd be very intrigued to discover the names of other organisations who have been hosted at Parliament for dinner and what they were giving or getting back. I'm sure it will be quite revealing of exactly how our country is really ran. Will post again on this once I've had a look at the Functions and Events pdf. Browse it yourself, why not? See who your MP has been inviting to dinner and then look at their voting record! I see Dianne Abbot has had the Women's Right to Abortion in Northern Ireland group round in the function room. Nice...Tony Baldry managed to split his interests between the Order of St Lazarus and the Bicester Masonic Dinner among others! John Bercow held a Grays Inn Lodge Ladies Night! Hmm...Those Masons, they do seem to slip into Parliament quite easily, don't they!? I think we can really go to town on this! On the whole there isn't too much for the conspiracy theorist to get excited about, other than Evan Harris MP who is clearly 'well in there' with the eugenic committee of Great Britain.


Mike said...

The one I like best is "Briefing for Pig Farmers". That was hosted by Richard Bacon.

Mike said...

And it's nice to know that Kevin Barron had a "Nice 10th Anniversary Dinner".

And Robert Wareing had 28 dinners for the "Leading Ventures Associates". How do you become one of their members?

The Bones said...


Does this mean that David Cameron is a mason or just friends with the wives of Masons...Hmm...I smell a rat!

Patricius said...

So the "open sesame" to the Palace of Westminster is a funny handshake...!

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