Wednesday, 24 February 2010


There is so much to be depressed about at the moment in the light of recent news that the Government has stolen the Church's children and started teaching them sodomy, wanking, baby-killing and promiscuity, so I thought I'd post this Don McLean song to cheer us all up. Oh no! It's called Starry Starry Night and its about a man called Vincent! Oh, I'm depressed again!


Physiocrat said...

I once invented a degree-level subject called Masturbation Studies as a token of the rubbish degree subjects that are now taught at universities. Notice that it was not a degree in masturbation, so graduates from the course would not have been able to do it.

I think you worry too much. When a subject is taught at school, the effect is to kill all interest in it, so if wanking was a classroom subject, the kids would probably leave their dicks alone. Besides, how would they be examined in it? What would happen if you failed your GCSE?

pelerin said...

Loved the video - Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists. Not sure what that says about me!

Visted Auvers-sur-Oise a few years ago and saw the room in which he died and the church which he painted - it is not as crooked as he made it! Strangely most of the tourists there that day were Japanese.

Walked up to the cemetery through the cornfields with the crows flying overhead, just as in his paintings. Vincent and his brother Theo lie side by side there under ivy covered tombstones. He was a tortured soul ...

Physiocrat has a good point in that subjects taught at school often result in disinterest from the children. However I am certainly very much against starting sex education at such a young age. Children must be allowed to be children and retain their innocence for as long as possible. What the Government are proposing seems positively nightmarish.

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