Monday, 22 February 2010

Brown is a Bully? Nah! You don't say!

"So, Ed, basically, you should crush them. You grab them by the necks like so and..."

Gordon Brown instructs Ed Balls in the appropriate course of action for faith schools who disobey the proposed sex education plans once they've been approved by MPs who've been warned of the same fate if they disobey the whip.

Time and time again, from the Blair years, to the Brown years, Labour have proved themselves to be bullies in the 'workplace' and towards us, the people of Britain. From full body scanners, to streets crammed with cameras, to the smoking ban, to the wars which the majority were against. Labour are bullies and the only way you face down a bully is by standing up to him...even if he is your 'Big Brother'.


Robert said...
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Robert said...

You are so right. As I wrote in the Catholic Herald, the church should stand up to them. Thomas More and John Fisher did not say" we had better follow the guidelines!

As for bullying PMs, A small man will justify losing his rag (Brown has had people do it for him). Churchill shouted at a secretary in the dark days of the war, summoned her later, gave her a whisky and said: "I've been bery naughty." That's the difference. Brown is no Churchill!

Crux Fidelis said...

Well, I think the smoking ban is a good thing.

Chewing gum next ;¬)

Mike said...

You have to be careful about claiming that Labour are bullies on the basis that they passed a law banning smoking in public places. Every law is a restriction on someone’s liberty. The law against women and children working down the mines was a restriction on their liberty and that of employers. The 1870 Education Act was a restriction on the liberty of parents who did not want to send their children to school and were not able to educate them elsewhere. The law establishing old age pensions was a restriction on the liberty of taxpayers people to spend their money as they wished. Or how about the law that stopped people putting pollution into the atmosphere – the Clean Air Act. That was a restriction on the liberty of people to light fires in their own houses using whatever fuel they wanted. Were the governments which introduced all these laws bullies? We cannot accuse a government of bullying just because they bring in laws we do not like.

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