England in Job Interview Shock!

This is a photo of Brighton Town Hall that I took last week. The Council have really been promoting pedestrianisation as you can see.

I've got a job interview with 'Admin All Areas' for the Council. Basically, if I got the job, I would just do admin all over the council, wherever they needed me. Great! Well, it will be refreshing if they end up paying me, since I owe them £200 in parking fines at the moment.

What with the Council's Equality policy, supported by Stonewall, it's highly likely that given my status as a member of a religious minority, I'll get the job via a process of subtle positive discrimination as the Council attempt to fill its quota of militant Catholics in their offices, who obviously sit side by side happily with 'blokes in dresses'. That's trangendered people, I'm talking about, by the way, not the Holy Father.


Physiocrat said…
Transgendered is a genuine medical condition. Related to acromegaly, apparently. But surely you can find some way of fitting yourself into the Council's profile so they fill their quotas of all the different disadvantaged groups they need to employ.
Chris H said…
I think that some of the training courses you will mandatory need to attend will prove something of a challenge. For you or the hosts!

Congratulations on the interview.
Ben Trovato said…
Good luck. One of my jobs is helping people prepare for job interviews - if you want ideas/tips, email me on benny.trovato (at) gmail.com
Patricius said…
Good Luck!

Super photo, by the way.
PaulineG said…
If you don't get it it's their loss.

Best of luck :)
Sussex Catholic said…
Can I suggest that if for any reason you are unsuccessful you apply for the post of General Manager of the Latin Mass Society? I am sure Fr.Ray would agree you are the perfect man for the job.