Tuesday, 13 October 2009

You Beauties!

Despite harsh living conditions, irregular feeding, 24 hour days, noise pollution and poor sanitation my office fish are breeding like nobody's business. Today I counted seven, yes, you heard it, seven, baby guppies! These fish are most definitely pro-life and there seems to be no talk in the tank about over-population or environmental protection, despite the fact that the green plants I bought have turned yellow! These fish are swimming around in their own urine yet they're happy as Larry!

My fish have doubled in numbers in a matter of a month or so! Oh praise God for the miracle of Life! I'm going to change the water in a couple of days. These fish deserve the finest tap water known to humanity!

1 comment:

berenike said...

woah. Tap water can kill your fish, you know that? (I know this sort of thing onyl b/c my sis and b-in-law enthusiastically kept fish at one point.) I imagine nasty south of England tap water is a fishy health hazard - you'd better pour some into buckets now and leave it to stand, this makes it less dangerous for some reason I can't remember (and not just temperature).

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