Thursday, 22 October 2009


This is not my sofa, but it is a visual representation of it. The Lord, in His great generosity has deluged me with gifts for my new studio flat. Yesterday I found a computer desk on the street and this morning my friend's mother gave me a chair that turns into a single bed. Then on our way to moving that, this guy who does freecycling saw us carrying the chair-bed. He says to us, "You looking for furniture." Me and my friend say, "Yeah, why?" He goes, "Need a sofa? I've got one going here." I say, "Yeah!" Then he drives this reclining sofa over to my flat and me and my friend move it in. A sofa and a chair-bed and a computer desk all free, which is lucky because right now I can't afford to buy new! How good is the Lord to those with a bad credit rating and stretched overdraft! Blessed be His holy Name! Today, I'm picking up a bedside cabinet someone wants rid of. Cracking stuff!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Cute couch.
I LOVE freecycling!
Blessings & Peace

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