Sunday, 4 October 2009

Clericide is Always a Terrible Mortal Sin...

"Mass" at Plobsheim, France, Pentecost 2009 from Donald Jenkins on Vimeo.

...still, these guys need shooting! Check out Damian Thompson's blog for more commentary on the most gravely scandalous liturgical abuse since the last one.


pelerin said...

You don't know whether to laugh hysterically or cry! Each Priest seems to be doing his own thing - there is not even any coordination between them.

When I saw this on Damian Thompson's blog earlier I was curious to know more and it appears to be a special 'Pele' Mass for teenagers - 'Pele' being the with it 'in word' short for Pelerinage (pilgrimage).

It's sad to see that it took place
this year. I was hoping this type of worship was diminishing. Don't give Fr Ray any ideas will you!!!

Richard Collins said...

If there is any shooting to be done may I have first go.

On the side of the angels said...

Do you know something ?
The more I see this ; and look on those cleric's faces ; the more I know we're winning !
just look at the awkward sincerity and insecurity and innocence among them...they may have conformed in praxis and ideology - but modernism and progressivism and every other ism [ apart from ours ] haven't got their souls !

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