Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Anglicans Set to Transform 'Godless' Brighton

The Argus reports that Brighton, dubbed the 'most Godless town in Britain' (by Holy Trinity Brompton Church, London) is to be evangelised by Archie Coates and his wife and Jonny Gumbel and his wife. These inspirational, charismatic Anglicans will take Brighton by the scruff of the neck and haul it out of sin and into St Peter's Church - that is - St Peter's Anglican Church in London Road. Nicky Gumbel's son, Jonny, dubbed 'Son of Alpha' (by me) will be Curate. Click here for a great little video of Brightonian responses to being told their town is 'the most Godless' in the UK'. I love it! Middle aged ladies are featured saying, 'Actually, I really rather like it here...It's better than Hastings.' (LMAO!)

Click here for another official HTB video that will have heretics, unbelievers and traditonal Anglicans, as well as Catholics running for Sussex Downs. Rest assured, the new team at the landmark church which will no longer be ringing out peals of bells on Gay Pride Day as did their predecessors, while the Church of Christ the King (CCK), Brighton's other evangelical, no nonsense, believe-in-Jesus-and-your- saved-it's-easy-peesy church, will be quaking in their boots that they have a rival. The Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) team, not to be confused with the Brompton Oratory (BO) team are less than traditional but believe they can 'bring Brighton to Jesus'.

Meanwhile, we Catholics will be as feeble in 'evangelism' and 'outreach' as we always are and will continue to go and spend all our cash in pubs, while the new breed of dewy-eyed, misty-faced clean-living evangelicals clean up and get people to attend their church. What can we do to combat these happy fresh faced young whipper snappers and bring Brighton to the true Faith? Well, thank God, Fr Ray Blake is celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass is all I can say.

Whatever the percentage of Brighton's population who attend church are, rest assured, HTB chaps and chapesses, that Brighton is not 'Godless'. The Most High Jesus Christ (bows head and takes off army surplus cap) is in the Tabernacle at St Mary Magdalen's, St John the Baptist's, St Mary's and St Joseph's. The hope is that the nearby traditional, high-Mass loving, St Bartholomew's CoE church will go over to Rome and start talking in Latin, rather than in tongues and offer an alternative to the 'alternative'. Still, all in all...good luck to them...Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain! Now that's ecumenism!


Big Fan said...

If I may say, I periodically watch the video on Brighton's St. Mary Magdalen website of the Solemn mass Feast of St. John Houghton and the Carthusian Martyrs. It's truly beautiful and a gift, even to me, on the other side of the globe. So much more so, a gift to Brighton, obviously not a Godless city! This one -- http://blip.tv/file/2112464 for any who have not seen it! I hope this is an example of what we can find in parishes all over the world soon!

Richard Collins said...

One thing that could be done is for some enlightened person to buy the DVD "God in the streets of New York" www.grassrootsfilms.com
Then arrange a series of viewings in pubs, church halls, shops owned by Catholics, convents (especially convents) and anywhere else that comes to mind.
It can be seen in part on Youtube.
The next step is to actually see if Fr Ray and some doughty parishioners will emulate the DVD and take God onto the streets of Brighton.
Given enough notice I would even drive from woolly Wales to join the procession.
In fact, I have a spare copy you are very welcome to Laurence. I think you have my email address so please send me an email with your contact details.

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