Friday, 2 October 2009

The Picture That Screams Out: "No!"

And behold, I, Tony, saw a man, clothed as with The Sun, standing on a podium, crowned with as many stars as there are nations in the EU. Then appeared in the sky a great dragon. He saw the dragon and embraced it, bought it dinner and got on rather well with it. The dragon gave him a shed load of money and made him President of the EU, told him to charge 50K for every speech he made, acquire many houses, charge £180 just to have a picture of him, made him ruler of the nations, made him best mates with Emperor Obama, a sovereign king with an iron sceptre. I saw a thousand thousand people standing before these signs. They cried out, "We thought we'd gotten rid of you the first time." He replied, "You underestimated my ability to befriend the very powerful and elect of the dragon."

A voice cried out, "Who are all these before you who are dressed in red?"

He replied, "These are all the war dead, the soldiers who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, the thousands of victims of the Iraq war, the unborn I failed to strive to protect and voted to be slain and who the Emperor Obama strives to see massacred. All these have been washed in the blood of the Tony."

I saw a thousand thousand thousand cry out, "Why can't you just retire and live in the Cotswolds with your barking wife, because God knows, you've made enough money now to live a quiet existence away from the public eye?!"

And I, Tony, replied, "My work is not yet done and I'm addicted to money, status and power."

Quite why this picture doesn't have Irish voters scrambling over to tick the 'No' box in the referendum is beyond me.

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On the side of the angels said...

So is Cherie the dragon or the frequenter of babylon ?

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