Monday, 5 October 2009

Exclusive: Our Lady of Montpelier, Brighton

It is with great joy that I can reveal that Our Lady just appeared to me at my parents house! This is a transcript of the incredible conversation I just had!

The Private Revelations of Our Lady of Montpelier, Brighton
to me
Laurence England
my parents house

Our Lady of Montpelier, Brighton: "Laurence, I wish you to tell the World of the message that I give you now for the Church and the World."

Me: "Yes, Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, refuge of sinners, Queen of Heaven of all Saints and all Christians."

Our Lady of Montpelier, Brighton: "Make it known to the World of the urgent needs of the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Brighton. The building is in disrepair and the people of Brighton seek pleasure in vice and sin. God is only overlooking the people of Brighton's great sins because of a few just priests in the region. Fr Ray Blake is one of the few priests in the country willing to put the Divine Worship of my Son at the heart of the liturgy. God will chastise Brighton and the UK as a whole, as well as the USA and Europe greatly if the building fund of St Mary Magdalen's Church, Brighton does not receive half a million pounds, if not a million pounds, by this time next year. For urgent repairs are needed on the Church. The pointing needs done and even though the floor has been done the lighting needs fixing and that will cost loads. Also, you need to do something about the walls because the grey colour is awful. If people were really generous, who knows, you could even do the crypt. I will appear like clockwork everytime St Mary Magdalen's needs a load of cash. Make it known to the whole Catholic world and beyond that I wish St Mary Magdalen's to be rebuilt in honour of the blessed Saint Mary Magdalen, in my honour, in honour of my Divine Son and in general to the honour and Glory of the Most Holy and Blessed Trinity."

Me: "Right away, Our Blessed Lady!"

Well...You heard her! Start donating to the building fund now, before it is too late! Here, Fr Ray, we could be onto something here!


Brighton Catholic said...

I am sure Fr Blake would not approve!

The Bones said...

Yep...That's why the Holy See doesn't approve of the current sites claiming Marian apparitions.

The Bones said...

I hope Our Blessed Lady and Fr Ray can take a joke, otherwise I'm for it!

pelerin said...


The Bones said...

Should I take it off?

pelerin said...

No - I found it very funny and it reminds us of the building fund!

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