Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Chant for All Souls and All Saints

Clare, St Mary Magdalen's choir teacher has drawn our attention to a fabulous website called Jogues Chant with downloads for Gregorian Chant for what appears to be the whole liturgical year. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it. Last night we rehearsed the Gaudeamus Omnes Introit (above) for All Saints and the Requiem Aeternam Introit (below) for All Souls. On the Chant website you can download it. I recommend listening to the Gaudeamus Omnes Introit downloadable from Jogues Chant as it is sang so beautifully.

And, the Jogues Chant website is so comprehensive that it even has a beautiful motet in honour of St Mary Magdalen, patroness of our beloved parish Church. I know it isn't her Feast or anything but thought I'd put it up anyway. Nice, eh?

1 comment:

Richard Collins said...

Quite breathtakingly beautiful, thank you Laurence

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