Sunday, 18 October 2009

England Family in St Therese of Lisieux Heirloom Shock!


My dear mum has handed me a small piece of parchment with a beautifully crafted paper rose and painted green stalk. Inside the petals of the pink rose, you lift up the paper petals and there is a little picture of St Therese of Lisieux! Next to it, is, written in pink, a little quote saying, 'I will let fall a shower of roses - St Therese of Lisieux'.

I don't think that we have much Catholic heritage in the family but it is from my mother's side. That St Therese - She gets everywhere! Prisons, churches, non-Catholic households!


That is the approximate total of the number of pilgrims who flocked to venerate the relics. Not bad for a 'casket of bones' eh?!! One of those who attended was Matthew Parris! Good for you, Mr Parris! Here's a good link to the Papal homily at her Canonisation

Anyway, here, for my friend with a little dog called Raphael is a picture of a chihuahua which I am posting for no apparant reason whatsoever.

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