Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Catholic Countries Surrounded by Ravenous Wolves

A Nicaraguan Catholic woman defending the Faith and the lives of the Unborn.

The Guardian today runs a piece on the 70,000 'unsafe abortions' carried out last year which resulted in maternal death, conveniently forgetting the infant deaths which also resulted from the 'unsafe abortions' and the fact that in every 'unsafe abortion' which results in maternal death, two human beings have died. The article highlights a report by the 'highly influential' Guttmacher Institute.

There is, of course, no such thing as a 'safe' abortion because it can never be safe for the unborn baby, even if it is made entirely safe for the mother. The article states that...

'The report points to a global trend towards the liberalisation of abortion laws, which has allowed women with an unwanted pregnancy to end it safely. Nineteen countries have relaxed their restrictions since 1997. But in three countries, Poland, El Salvador and Nicaragua, tougher legislation has been introduced, the latter two prohibiting abortion even when the woman's life is at risk.

"We have seen an increase in women's deaths and teenage suicides in Nicaragua," said Dr Kelly Culwell, of the International Planned Parenthood Federation at the report's launch.'

While it is deeply regrettable and tragic that women's lives have ended from either maternal death from 'unsafe abortions' or suicide in face of the prospect of child-birth, so called 'safe' abortion is not the answer. What is more, Poland, El Salvador and Nicaragua know it. These countries are staunchly Catholic and each of these governments are vehemently resistant to the demands of both the Guttmacher Insitute and Planned Parenthood.

These countries, as well as being staunchly Catholic are not backward or foolish and their resistance to legal abortion is not merely grounded in the teachings of the Church. Every country which has introduced legal abortion has also introduced a chamber of horrors into towns, townships and cities across the globe. Furthermore, each country that has rolled over to the wishes of Planned Parenthood (who, let's remember, make money out of this sordid business) has seen rates of abortion, double, then triple, then quadruple and then spiral out of control, all because each country accepted the mantra that making abortion legal saves lives.

The UK, the US and swathes of Europe testify to the fact that making abortion legal results in a massive rise in abortions, not just in cases of what these institutions would deem medical emergency or matters of 'reproductive health', but out of a state of temporal inconvenience. The UK and the US were spun this line and the result is institutionalised reproductive and maternal mayhem.

Don't believe me? Well, I understand that readers of this blog are largely Catholic but for anyone still unsure of the fruits of legal abortion, check out today's Telegraph article on an American woman who became, out of personal circumstances and chaotic personal relationships, an 'abortion addict', contracting 15 abortions in just 16 years between the age of 16 and her early 30s. What is more, she has written a book about her experiences entitled 'Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict', a book which was perhaps unsurprisingly rejected more than 50 times by publishers who were horrified by it. The person in questions says of her experiences, and I quote:

"My story is a perversion of both maternal desire and abortion, framed by a lawful procedure that I abused. By the time I lay in an abortion clinic waiting for the procedure to begin, I would feel nothing but disgust and shame. When I left the clinic, I felt a calm respite, surrender. I always said to myself then "This has to end."

"This has to end." There are no 'safe' abortions and, as extreme an example as this woman's life is, it serves well to demonstrate just how ill-conceived the idea of introducing legal abortion to countries whose Catholic populations have set their faces against it really is. Poland, El Salvador, Nicaragua and every country that resists the march of the 'reproductive health' lobby must be supported. C-Fam consistently highlights the global push for abortion by powerful and 'highly influential' lobbyists and institutes. John Smeaton of the Society for Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) campaigns vociferously against these developments also. These are not just voices of Catholicism. They are the voices of Reason in a World suffering from its tragic love affair with the Culture of Death. These countries, these Catholic countries, must be protected from the ravenous wolves that surround them.

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