Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tories Give Green Light to Mob Justice

The Telegraph
today reports the Tory plan to 'name and shame' criminals. According to the report...

'Local residents will be warned if prolific criminals are living in their neighbourhoods under radical plans to be unveiled by Dominic Grieve, Shadow Justice Secretary, at the Conservative party conference.

Police forces will be given the right to “name and shame” criminals whose identities are currently hidden to protect their human rights. The controversial policy is part of a new package of hard-line law and order packages to be unveiled by the Tory party.'

That won't lead to locals taking the law into their own hands, will it? No, surely not! That won't let the 'righteous majority' take out their anger on the criminal few, will it? No chance! That won't lead to mobs with flaming torches outside people's houses, will it? Never! And that won't lead to anyone being beaten to death, will it? What a preposterous idea!

Honestly, the 'Neighbourhood Watch Team' will be scouring the local free newspaper for this weeks 'criminal of the month' column and going round his house to take 'preventative action'.


Crux Fidelis said...

What was that you were saying about the Tories being ideologically opposed to the surveillance culture?

The Bones said...

I stand corrected!

Physiocrat said...

Laurence, you have to understand that the Brits are composed of different tribes. You can more or less recognise which tribe they belong to by the newspapers they read.

The Mailpress tribe, which is probaby the biggest on the island, loves surveillance and the Tories are looking for their votes. They obviously need them. All governments need them to get elected. Members of the Mailpress tribe would go round cutting off pedos' balls, would bring back hanging, preferably in public and preferably followed by drawing and quartering, and would be fighting each other to get the front seats at the spectacle.

What on earth made you think the Tories would defend civil liberties? That is for namby-pamby wets and wedes.

Expect more prisons to be built, probably as a private finance intiative and probably run by the likes of Wackenhut Inc.

The private prisons industry in the USA

That's Britain's future. Invest now.

Crux Fidelis said...

Henry, the Mailpress tribe don't like surveillance when it stops them from breaking speed limits.

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