Sunday, 18 October 2009

The BBC's Question Time

The country is in economic turmoil. The recession is hitting communities hard. Tensions are high and everybody hates the current mainstream political parties because of the expenses row. The BBC's response: "Let's invite the leader of the BNP onto Question Time!"

Here are a few Nick Griffin quotes...

“I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat…I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter day witch-hysteria.”

"So, what are we now doing with the British National Party? Well we tried to simplify its message in some ways and to make it a saleable message. So it's not white supremacy or racial civil war or anything like that, which is what we know in fact is going on, and we're not supremacists, we're white survivalists, even that frightens people. Four apple pie words, freedom, security, identity and democracy." (2001 - Speech to the American Friends of the BNP)

"The electors of Millwall did not back a post-modernist Rightist party, but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan 'Defend Rights for Whites', with well directed boots and fists."

Nice guy, eh!?

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