Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Brighton All Hallows Eve Procession?

Henry of View from Outside has suggested a St Mary Magdalen's Procession to take place on All Hallows Eve, in response to pagan/new age/occult rituals and practises which undoubtedly, are commonplace on such festivals in Brighton. His suggestion is, 'to meet at St Mary Magdalen's Church and go round Brighton saying a decade of the Rosary at selected locations. I suggest the Abortionarium, the various witchcraft shops round the town and the dolphin fountain in the Old Steine.' Anyone up for it? Comment at his blog.


Jane said...

Wish I could join you Laurence, but the Lord has not yet endowed me with the gift of bilocation and therefore I remain earthbound in rural France where some very pagan goings on will occur this weekend.

Meanwhile, we pray for the souls in Purgatory, and this year particularly, for those of departed Priests.

God bless,

Richard Collins said...

Given more notice, we would come.
Good Providence and prayers in your support.

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