Friday, 8 February 2013

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Raymond said...

There is no difference between beef or horse meat - the two have now the same status thanks to David Cameron's plans to redefine food .The new concept is now called 'Equal Meat' as opposed to 'Traditional meat' and is due to the minority equine eaters lobby groups who want to stop inequality and discrimination against horse meat.The supporters of this movement say that 'times have changed and attitudes have moved on' , 'we are not living in the Dark ages' ...'if people want to call horse meat 'beef' then this is their choice and won't stop traditional eaters their choice' - if you disagree with our agenda you are a 'dinosaur' or 'Equinophobic' .They plan to use the European Court to force butchers to sell horse meat as beef on pain of having their licences withdrawn.
These new food 'reforms' are only the start and further down the line I believe there will be attempts to sell chalk as cheese.

The Bones said...


As Mr Cameron would say.

pelerin said...

With all this fuss about eating horsemeat am I in the minority thinking it has been blown out of all proportion. Horsemeat is a delicious very lean meat. Many years ago I remember asking my local butcher if he stocked it. Needless to say he gave me a very funny look!

As far as I can see the only thing wrong is that the meat has been passed off as beef which of course is deceitful of the food companies. We are entitled to know what we are eating.

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