Friday, 1 February 2013

Note to Richard Dawkins: The Church Needs Scientists

If there is one thing we hear time and time again, in particular from certain public individuals it is that the Catholic Church is 'anti-science'. Here are a couple of objective facts about the Church and Science.

Fact 1: In order to ascertain whether a healing has taken place due to a Saint's intercession, the Church employs, as you will see in the video above, independent medics and scientists in order to verify that a healing has taken place by virtue of a Miracle (something extraordinary in which a natural law is suspended).

Fact 2: The Church has a Pontifical Academy of Science for the study of...yep, you guess Just because this academy does not see a great need or any moral justification to begin human cloning does not make these people unscientific or dumb scientists or 'anti-science'. It makes these people scientists with consciences. Professor Steve Jones,  former President of The Galton Institute (aka British Eugenics Society), please take note.

Fact 3: The Father of modern genetics was not an atheist, but was in fact, a 'Father'. That's right. Thanks to the work of Fr Gregor Johan Mendel, modern day geneticists at the Wellcome Trust are able to map out the Human Genome to do God alone knows what with the results.

Fact 4: Richard Dawkins is aware of all the above because he not a stupid and totally ignorant person at all. Richard Dawkins has an ideological opposition to the moral foundations upon which the world of science has, until the 21st century, been underpinned.

Professor Dawkins, along with Professor Steve Jones and all those other Professors at the Royal Society who advocate using unborn babies, fetuses and embryos for medical experimentation have no argument against the Catholic Church in terms of the Church being unscientific.

Far from it. The Church relies on science in order to make proclamations on the supernatural and in its own scientific interest in examining both the laws of and of exploring the reaches of, the Universe. What Dawkins and Jones despise is the claim that not only does science have limits in explaining the origin, source and destiny of all things, but the claim that scientific endeavour should take place in the context of the moral law founded in natural law and Divine Revelation, rather than a moral vacuum.

Personal Opinion: Dawkins is a publicity front man for a group of exceedingly wealthy and amoral scientists working at the Royal Society, who knows only too well that the one obstacle to creating a utopian scientific dictatorship is the objective moral law proclaimed by many religions, but most especially the Catholic Church.


On the side of the angels said...

Annie said...

The next time you talk to an atheist ask him (with a questioning look) if he believes in the Big Bang Theory. He'll say 'yes'. Say with a reflected tone to your voice, 'Really?' He'll smugly say 'yes, really'. Ask him if he knows who created the theory. He'll either say 'Hubble" or maybe 'Einstein' or 'Some scientist'. Then you sweetly can enlighten him that a Belgian Catholic priest, Fr. George Lemaitre, discovered it.

tom said...

The PAS has stated that man-made global warming is a scientific fact and that this fact threatens humanity. They reported recently that: "serious and potentially irreversible impacts of global warming caused by the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases". This is precisely the type of claim you refuse to believe. Your refusal to believe this is either because you've done more research and mathematical modelling than the Vatican's team of scientists and researchers or because you've read a polemical piece on a conspiracy website funded by oil companies. I suspect it's the latter. Anyway, my point is that it's somewhat bizarre that you point to the great tradition of reason and science underpinning Catholicism (which is indeed great) when you signally fail to engage with reasoned scientific debate because notoriety-hunting conspiracy promulgation fits in with your 'look at me' personality. The disposition of the priest and the scientist are as one: self-effacing, humble and patient dedication to God's Revealed Truth. The personality of the blogger, atheist, and skeptic are as one: loud, incoherent nonsense designed to get as many people to pay attention as possible.

The Bones said...

In my opinion, AGW is the most laughable myth in the history of time.

The Royal Society is the most corrupt set of scientists on the face of the planet.

They have NO morals.

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