Monday, 25 February 2013

My Coffee, Fags and Internet Hell

Well into Lent and my life still revolves around coffee, tobacco and the internet.

From out of nowhere I just scoffed and entire packet of peanuts that I thought I would just 'nibble on'.

It's important to remember God loves losers especially those who've lost their AAA rating.

How is your Lent going?


gemoftheocean said...

So far I've managed not to eat meat on Friday and kept the fast on Wed. Or beat the crap out of people who deserve it. So, so far, so good.

Wake up England said...

We're doing frightfully well thank you for asking, Bones. Yesterday (in the Algarve, Portugal where I live) we had Mass in English with the hymns God Bless Our Pope, Hail Redeemer King Divine, God of Mercy God of Peace, and Sweet sacrament Divine. If one must have hymns at Mass, at least we have good ones!

Anonymous said...

Your "failure" pales into insignificance when compared with some other things currently happening. A spiritual Director once asked me what I was doing for Lent. When I told him my resolutions he said " I hope you break everyone of them. It can be good for humility!"
MY own consolation in the midst of failures is "We are a church of sinners, and there is always room for another!"

The Bones said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention the all night sex orgies, poker games and raping and pillaging of nearby towns, enslaving the poor to debt at extortionate interest and my setting up of a website for people to easily commit adultery with each other.

That's pretty good going for the first two weeks of Lent.

Still, the root of all these vices is coffee, fags and the internet.

Anonymous said...

Not quite so insignificant then!
Not sure about that the phrase "pretty good going"!Opposite might be more accurate...and stop blaming the coffee and the fags!

Anonymous said...

Laurence,will you forgive me being anonymous? For me it's fags,internet and beer. In the a.m. it's three coffees then beer in V8. That's how I keep from ever becoming drunk.Some saving grace I pray is that my internet habit is almost exclusively True Catholic.

Wake up England said...

This Friday meat/no meat business is rather odd. Surely it should be that same everywhere in the world? In Portugal we are not bound to abstain on any Fridays; in America one is, but only in Lent; then again in England it's all Fridays throughout the year. What a muddle.

The Bones said...

But Father, you can't tell me these things are wrong. That would be judgmental. You have your truth and I have mine. In my truth, I'm allowed to rape and pillage and do the other things too.

It's love.

annely said...

Good and Plenty Funny.

Natasa said...

I've been feeling so deprived because of what I have given up that last week I bought cigarettes and have been enjoying smoking again. I don't think Lent is going that well.

Patricius said...

We once had a priest who advised us against having a "Macho Lent". In other words taking up some hard penance success at which would lead to pride.
Sadly, a bit of a wimp, he ran off with a woman.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to add another comment for now!

Just another mad Catholic said...

So far not bad.

Managed to stay off the Coca cola, Fries for MOST of the first week and a half (still looking forward to when liturgical Sunday aka Saturday evening comes around), upping the ante this week with no chocolate and cakes.

Still finding it hard not to have uncharitable thoughts about the clients who come into the office having no idea who they're supposed to see and smelling like a badly run Bazaar, that's the last thing; talking about the clients to my mom.

As for the all night orgies, rapine and pillage; I've never been into those things so its easier to give them up:)

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