Thursday, 28 February 2013

Great and Greatest


pelerin said...

Fr Gordon MacRae (writer of the wonderfully inspiring blog 'These Stone Walls') is referring to Pope Benedict now as Benedict the Beloved - a beautiful title in my humble opinion.

Sorry but the 'Greatest' reminds me of the boasting of the boxer Mohammed Ali.

The Bones said...

Yes, but we're saying it, not Benedict XVI.

I like Benedict the Bright.

Or Benedict the Brilliant.

Or Benedict the bloomin' marvellous.

pelerin said...


Elizabeth said...

Calling John Paul II "The Great" has always rubbed me the wrong way, in a big way.

I really like Benedict The Beloved! Now that's aprapos.

annely said...

I like this Post.I think it's the greatest! Seriously,Benedict the Beloved is Beautiful.

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