Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Congratulations to Same Sex Couples

It would be mean-spirited not to congratulate same sex couples on the victory that is surely now theirs. Congratulations.

You have won a piece of paper deemed worthless and without any value by the vast majority of heterosexuals across this land, the USA and nearly all of Europe.

Enjoy the word, 'marriage', dispensed to you so graciously by H.M Government, the giver of rights and the giver of the wonderful pieces of paper, of course.

For, as we know, that is all marriage is nowadays. A piece of paper. Who would have thought that a simple piece of paper could bring so many people so much contentment. Strange though, I haven't heard a single party popper go off in Brighton...maybe they're not that arsed about it.


Mike said...

It is interesting how so many people who have declared that marriage is ‘just a piece of paper’ think that it is so important that homosexuals must get a right to have that piece of paper. To them, marriage as an institution is of no importance whatsoever – until the homosexuals started demanding the right to be ‘married’.

Genty said...

I would be very surprised if there were an overwhelming rush for marriage among the gay community.
I do, however, believe that a challenge for a religious ceremony will happen very quickly.

Webmaster Gareth said...

No doubt the socialist/liberal types screeching for this just want to see marriage wrecked.

Physiocrat said...

It is not just a piece of paper when things get nasty and go to court. It has created a legal minefield. Just watch this space.

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