Tuesday, 19 February 2013

King Kung to Take Helm at St Peters?

Hans Kung has given an interview to Der Spiegel.

His thoughts on the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI and his vision of the Church of the future are terribly surprising. One can never predict what Hans will say.

Most importantly, he says if he is made Pope the first thing he will do will be to put a massive statue of himself in the garden and invite Tony Blair round for policy advice, both at home and abroad. St Peter's will be renamed, 'Catholic Christian Centre for Inter-Faith Dialogue'. On assuming the Office of the Papacy, a million condoms will be let loose from the Papal helicopter above Vatican City. Gay marriage all round, etc, etc...

Why is this guy always wheeled out by the media as an authority on the Catholic Church?


Left-footer said...

"Why is this guy always wheeled out by the media as an authority on the Catholic Church?"

Because they are ignorant, lazy, and always in need of sensation. I read newspapers only on the internet. That way none of my money ends up in scribblers' pockets.

Keep up the good work, and God bless!

Anonymous said...

For those of who like humour, dear old Hans is an inexhaustible source!

Lynda said...

Say a prayer for his soul.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Lawrence

Here's a poke at Hans Kung.

Cardinal Ratzinger to Pope John Paul II: "Your Holiness, Hans Kung said Papal infallibility is not true."

John Paul II: "And Hans Kung said that infallibly!"

God bless

Scott W. said...

There is good news in the sense that guys like Kung and Wills are not passing the baton to anyone. Of course there are plenty of dissidents, but none of their caliber and clout.

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