Thursday, 14 February 2013

'Be My Valentine'

In Sainsbury's today there were quite a few Valentine's cards still for sale. Interestingly, the only ones that were left were cards for 'husbands' and 'wives'. 'Husbands' and 'wives' aren't so popular now, nor titles we shall see on Valentine's cards after 'same-sex marriage'.  More likely will be 'Dear Non-Gender Specific my Valentine.'

St Valentine was brutally murdered for the Catholic Faith. Legends attributed to him suggest that Valentine was beheaded and martyred for performing Christian marriages at a time when persecution of the Roman Church was heightened in the late 3rd century.

So if Jesus Christ says to you, 'Be My Valentine', you know He's not thinking of a nice meal out, chocolates or a cosy night in, but a burning self-sacrificial love for Him and those He has called you to love - which is everybody. And I suppose if there is someone other than Jesus asking you to be their 'Valentine' then that person is not asking for romance, but the self-sacrificial love that can only come from being a lover of the Cross of Christ.

The message of St Valentine is not about romance, so much as a life long love affair with Our Lord Jesus Christ that is so strong and powerful that the lover is prepared to spill even his blood for the Lover who spilled even His Blood for him.

Valentine's crown of martyrdom is more radiant, beautiful  and satisfying than any garland of roses, chocolates, meal out or champagne this World has to offer. It is everlasting. It is the victorious and glorious crown of eternal life. In his martyrdom all of St Valentine's desires for Christ were fulfilled. Christ's lover now reigns with Him in Heaven and intercedes for us to follow where he now is. St Valentine, pray for us.

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