Let us do what he told us to do and live us he showed us to live, love us as he showed us to love.


Turn towards the Lord. Trust Him. Walk humbly with the Lord.

For the One he held in his hands, He is the Lord Jesus, the Invisible Head of the Church.

He, the Lord, can turn our sadness into everlasting joy.


Left-footer said…
Yours is the best advice, and there is a Novena here:

God bless!
The Bones said…
Have linked to the URL.
Wake up England said…
Pray: that the new Pope will not reverse Summorium Pontificum (which he could)............
The Bones said…

The new Pope CANNOT reverse SP.

The Motu Proprio has surely made this the law of the Church.

Wale Up England said…
Is this actual fact, Bones; or your opinion? I do hope you're right, but I have a sneaking feeling Motu Proprios of former popes can be altered or indeed revoked at the will of the reigning pope. Please, please tell me I'm wrong. I did ask this question of Rorate, but they wouldn't publish it, which suggests it is an uncomfortable "Elephant in the Sanctuary". I would love to know the truth about this. Can anyone enlighten me please?