Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Glories of Stevenage

I recently had a dream that I moved to Stevenage.  More of a nightmare, I guess. Lord, let this chalice pass from me! I'm only posting this really because the promotional video above is just classic.

I find it very interesting from the modern view of family life, which is fundamentally anti-child, how much the town was promoted around families and especially children.

What an age of promise and hope the 1970s must have been. It is no wonder some Bishops and Priests are still clinging to the dream of great 'white heat' of modernity, in spite of the reality. I guess our Bishops really are products of their age.

I imagine this Church is nicer on the inside than it is on the outside, but these things are far from guaranteed. Ah, Stevenage...I love the way in which in the 1971 promotional video they say there were loads of jobs in Stevenage, and now, in the year 2013, there are 4 jobs in Stevenage. I have to say, though, that the swimming pool is really good. It's got two diving boards.

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