Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rest in Peace

Of your charity, please pray for the soul of a greatly loved daughter of God, Ann Furse, a parishioner of St Mary Magdalen Church who died in Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton. She would have much rather had died at home, where she felt safe, than in an NHS hospital where she did not feel safe.

A treasure of the Church of Rome. A loyal daughter of St Francis and St Anthony. A beloved child of God. I will write more about her one day, but for the time being, pray for this holy woman who must surely be so treasured, precious and close to the Heart of Jesus. She was united to Him in suffering. Pray that she will be united to Him in eternity now that the pain and sorrow of this life has drawn to a close. Pray that her Beloved will say, ‘Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away; for now the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.'

As long as I have known her, she loved Jesus and Our Lady with an intensity that was remarkable and inspiring, so much so that visiting her it was unclear whether I was going as a friend or as a pilgrim. Keep her, and we who loved her, in your prayers.

Rest in peace, sweet servant of Jesus, dear child of Mary, 
for you who were so often abased and brought low, shall surely be exalted. 
How glorious is the crown of those who seek only Jesus!
 Surely in Heaven is laid a crown of glory for you!
How sure is our hope that you are wedded now to your Divine Spouse in Heaven.
How often we shall extol your virtues!
O gentle Jesus, grant her rest and may her soul, with the souls of the Faithful departed,
Rest in Peace.



This photo immediatly struck me as it looks like a scene from the room of Blessed Alexandrina da Costa.

I will pray for her.

The Bones said...

You are not far from the truth!

Anonymous said...

Prayers Offered

pelerin said...

Such sad news. May her soul rest in peace. It was a privilege to have met Ann. Her cheerfulness in adversity was an example to us all. The parish is going to miss her.

Anonymous said...

Offering prayers for Ann.

God bless

Left-footer said...

Prayers offered. R.I.P.

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