Friday, 1 March 2013

Security Stepped Up in Rome

Security has been stepped up at St John Lateran as fears increase that either Hans Kung or Bishop Williamson could gain access to the Chair of St Peter and refuse to get off before the beginning of the Conclave.

A figure resembling Hans Kung has been seen in and around Vatican City over the last week.

Reports, however, are so far unable to confirm whether it is actually Hans Kung, or the statue of himself that he keeps in his garden. The Faithful who will be keeping vigil at times over the coming weeks are advised to be vigilant and to report any behaviour they see in the vicinity that is suspicious.


On the side of the angels said...

The Cathedra of the Bishop of Rome is in the Lateran :)

The Bones said...

That's why I'll never be Rome Correspondent for The Tablet.

umblepie said...

Like it!

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