Saturday, 2 March 2013

'Same-Sex Marriage' Bill Not Yet Law, Police Chaplain Already Removed for Marriage Opinion

Rev Ross served as a volunteer chaplain to Strathclyde Police for 3 years 
Courtesy of The Telegraph

'Rev Brian Ross said he was summoned to a meeting with a senior officer and told that postings on his blog on the subject of marriage did not fit with the force’s equality and diversity policies. Campaigners against same-sex marriage claimed that the case was “just the start of things to come”.

They said it backed up warnings that chaplains in hospitals, prisons and the armed forces as well as teachers and other public servants could be dismissed legally from their jobs if they take what they consider to be a stand on grounds of conscience over the issue. Ministers have repeatedly insisted that no one should be sacked from their job for voicing opposition to same-sex marriage and have built in special “protections” for clerics into the Government’s Marriage Bill. But in a written submission to a committee of MPs revising the bill in the House of Commons Rev Ross claimed that his case was “typical of the kind of situation that could, and would, arise” once gay marriage becomes law.'

For the full article, click here. It goes without saying this is just the start of the purge of Christians and others who do not accept the redefinition of marriage from public life and employment in the public sector.

You can view his blog here. Why not go over and offer him some encouragement and say a prayer for him. As far as I can see, he's just being posting the 'Marriage Minutes' produced by the Coalition for Marriage. In the new political order, I guess speaking the truth is a revolutionary act, as Orwell said. Rev. Ross was a volunteer chaplain. Oh, only a volunteer? Oh, well that's alright then! Hang on, are we saying those who don't subscribe to the new definition of marriage can't even 'volunteer' in the public sphere?


Lynda said...

This is all part of the planned persecution and oppression of all who will speak out against the totalitarian regime. Speak now or be forever silenced. Of course, the chaplain's true human rights have been breached while the police force bows to an ideology which means it cannot do its proper work independently and with integrity. 1984 is now.

Daniel Toye said...

On this very subject, the record of Thursday's committee meeting makes fascinating reading. It can be found at

Here we have three well meaning parliamentarians trying to introduce some protections in the bill for people who hold marriage to be what it always has been. They were trying to make it illegal for an organisation to discriminate against someone because they taught or expressed this view.

In the dictatorial style typical of the "progressives" they were told that they deserved no such protection. Not before Chris Bryant could show how how deserving he is of parliamentary privilege by calling Ann Widdecombe a "hater".

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