Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pope St Gregory the Great I, Ora Pro Nobis

Prayer to Pope St Gregory the Great I on his Feast and for the intentions of the Cardinal Electors in Rome. Pray for the Holy Church of Rome, glorious Pope St Gregory, that She may be granted a Chief Shepherd, wise and holy, zealous for the salvation of souls.
Deus, qui animae famuli tui Gregorii aeternae beatitudinis praemia contulisti: concede propitius; ut, qui peccatorum nostrorum pondere premimur, eius apud te precibus sublevemur. Per Dominum. 

O God who hast conferred the rewards of everlasting happiness upon the soul of Thy servant Gregory, mercifully grant that we, who are oppressed by the burden of our sins, may be relieved by his prayers with Thee. Through our Lord.

H/T Transalpine Redemptorists


pelerin said...

When I watched the Mass from Rome this morning it was a strange experience to look at the faces of the Cardinals present and wonder which one of them will soon be filling to shoes of St Peter.

Aged parent said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Ora pro nobis, dear St Gregory the Great.


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