Monday, 5 March 2012

One Man, One Woman

One Man, One Woman

One man
One woman
One family
One natural institution

One man
One woman
One government 'proposal'
 Have you understood it?
You think its all about ‘Equality’?
The State takes one word, changes what it means
Oh wake up, people, to reality!
The greatest power grab in all of human history
Read your Orwell and your Aldous Huxley

One man
One woman
Two become one
And share one vision

One man
One woman
One union on Earth
That brings forth children

You think its all about 'Equality'?
Well didn’t you study biology?
All men are equal, ah, well possibly
But only man and woman can possibly breed
In nature's law, its evolutionary that...

One man
One woman
The only reason that you’re here
 Is one man, one woman

One man
One woman
One building block
One cell, one firm foundation

You think its all about 'Equality'?
When Government claims marriage as its property?
You think we’re going to go quietly?
You think that we’ll 'forever hold our peace’?
You think that we'll consent to this Reign of tyranny? No!
One man
One woman
What God has joined let
No government put asunder

Ah, David Cameron
 Where's a 'Conservative'
When your people really need one?

 You think its all about 'Equality'?
Every classroom in the country teaching buggery
All in the name of 'Diversity'?
 The Brave New World, boys and girls, welcome to Stonewall's Society
Where doublespeak's as English as a
Cup of Tetley tea

The days, they're coming
When it will be illegal
Just to tell your children:
“One man, one woman
That’s what marriage is”
You gonna let that happen?

 You might
But you shouldn’t
Let’s call this what it is
Its social engineering

One man
One woman
One institution
That's about to be demolished

You think its all about ‘Equality’?
When Government legislates for such a small minority?
You think I’m wrong, I think that you’re naive
Anarchy in the UK: that's what's about to be released
Your children's innocence smashed to smithereens!

One man
One woman
Lynne Featherstone
David Cameron

Ah, yes
I’ve seen the future, tell you what I see
A generation of children with no sense of morality
I've seen the future and it's very bleak
One man
One woman
United by their scarcity

Teachers teaching homosexuality
The State educating children in what they must believe
One man,
One woman,
'It was nice knowing you', say farewell to your freedom of speech
A prison cell for those who disagree
A Brave New World, boys and girls
Does this sound like 'Equality'?
 Read your Orwell and your Aldous Huxley

One man
One woman
One government 'proposal'
Have you understood it?

One man
One woman
Are you prepared for
The Revolution?

Two men
Two women
I'll bet Robespierre
Didn't see this coming

When I get a chance, I'll record this. Yes, even in Lent...


Lynda said...

Brilliant! Maybe put up on You Tube?

Webmaster Gareth said...

Thank you for speaking (singing?) out. Please God this whole "gay marriage [sic] thing can be stopped.

epsilon said...

Fantastic - it definitely has a rap zing to it - there must be some rap guy you could team up with to bring this to the masses man! And it must be videod on the streets of Bry-ton with some groovy graphics.

You need a production team as well.
(That I love Jesus but hate rel.... guy has set the standard. 19 million hits and counting!)

a pop star came to school today.
his entourage in toe.
ipad floating round on shoot.
kids desperate for an icon to adore.

got to rescue them from sla-ver-ee.

a picture with the dancers - that's it!
got to wait now for the new release on itunes 26th.

1-in-3 are now at risk of sxabuse from boyz and youthz
but we have got to shout the Truth
drowned out by EVAw and their STONEwaa brooz

got to rescue them from sla-ver-ee.

teach them of the God made Man in Galilee.

lead them to the altar of the one and only God made Man to set us free.

show them why He died upon the tree.

to guide these little eps
is up to you and me
the parent/state prisoners of the new mentality
too busy finding pleasure bodily
abandoned/aborted all responsibility
it's up to you and me
to shout out from the highest olive
'do not destroy our natural family'
do not destroy
do not destroy
you can employ
all the machinery of the state
but in the Name of all that is Holy
we will defend
to the bitter bounds
the sanctity of marriage and human breath


Please Laurence save me a seat for McMillan on Friday - I've booked my train and a place to stay, please don't let me be turned away!

umblepie said...

Fantastic! So true and so horrifying.
Keep up the good work Laurence, and God bless your efforts.

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