Sunday, 17 April 2011

Extraordinary Form of the Mass with Commentary

This is rather good.


pelerin said...

Magnificent and how wonderfully explained.

I believe you asked some time ago what was happening in Thiberville. There is a short video on 'Le blog de Christophe Saint-Placide' which can be reached direct from the side bar of Jane of the Oasis. It is so odd that even the commentators do not agree which Mass is being said whether it is supposed to be the Usus Antiquor or the Novus ordo in Latin. (I have never been to the latter so don't know) The Priest wears modern vestments and makes the sign of the Cross from right to left but this is nothing compared to what happens next. He started off seated. Then he gets up and faces the congregation. There appears to be no server. He has his missal in his hands and thumbs through it backwards and forwards head down. The Latin Introit, Confiteor and Gloria are all said facing the people. It all looks so wrong. Someone says something to the Priest - I could not catch what - he replies and there is a clattering of chairs. You later see that there is a congregation of 3 or 4 left. Then the video finishes.

Comparing the two videos the dignity and reverential movements of the Mass you showed were completely absent from the Thiberville Mass. Presumably the Priest had not actually learnt how to celebrate the Mass of Ages but just read it using the rubrics of the Novus ordo. The parishioners used to attending the Usus antiquor must have been shocked.

pelerin said...

Forgot to mention if you want to watch this you have got to go to the righthand side bar and click on 'Videos de la semaine'. It is the 8th one down entitled 'Tristesse...

georgem said...

Commentary by Fr Z?
How I miss this wonderful Mass. Drop, drop, slow tears

John the Septuagenarian said...

What was the reality?
It was rare to hear anything at all being surrounded by fretting children and crying babies, people coming in late,coughing and shuffling at the back.
That's why it was changed.
Sorry. Perhaps occasionally.
It's all very beautiful and sacred in theory.
If it's what you want, well you have the option but not for most of us, anymore.

Vince said...

Just watched Ann Traddecombe in a Brighton RC church. It didn't look very trad to me. Far from it!
Widders talked about the ability of the Church to adapt its ourward forms. I think the very last word from an RC priest was "change".
I thought Brighton was a bastion of orthodoxy?

georgem said...

I don't know where you went to Mass, John, but your experience wasn't mine by a long shot and I'm talking about all my formative years. Silence from the congregations is what I remember and nobody minded a crying baby or three.
I supppose it depends on the pp. I can name more than one parish where all the noise and restlessness you mention goes on right now in the NO.
I've no quibble with Mass in the vernacular but access to the EF is way harder than you imagine and pretty much banned for 40 years.
*I can think of only one church in Brighton and Hove which approaches anywhere near traditional. I'd be very surprised if Ms Widdecombe was at that one.

INFO said...

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