Friday, 22 April 2011

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, in case you were mistaken over the meaning of this day in the calendar, not Good Friday, as we had hitherto believed.

Clearly, Google, not having a great appreciation of the death of the Saviour of the World, chose instead the neo-pagan ideology of the 'green' movement.

The green movement really is another religion altogether, isn't it? Remember to leave the lights on when you go to Mass.


Google is great said...

1) Google is free to use and as such is under no obligation to massage the delusions of some tin-pot cult.

2) Google stats show that the non-commercial usage of their search engine (which, again, is FREE - you can use 'pope search if you want') peaks in India, China, and Brazil. Brazil can plausibly be claimed as a Catholic country, but I suspect most searches are for porn. India and China, total population 3.7 billion - over half of all humanity - are not under God's watchful eye. Therefore it is sound commercial sense for Google's FREE SERVICE to not aggresively promote your tin-pot cult but to go for a belief system that can be enjoyed by more people than you, Benedict, and that old Irish woman I saw on TV once going on about the soul of Europe.

Google is great said...

3) Google was founded by Larry Page (a matrilineal Jew who was raised an atheist) and Sergey Brin (Jewish). So the company's owners have no reason to celebrate the death of a person associated with another religious movement either. All in all Earth Day seems more appropriate

Left-footer said...

Thanks for the reminder - I've got some tyres to burn.

Anonymous said...

And, no doubt, this Sunday the Google logo will have cute bunnies and baskets.

Phil said...

Laurence there is something gross in the paper today.
I haven't seen them myself but it seems you can buy Easter trees for hanging eggs on and Easter crackers with gifts in (like Christmas ones).

I wondered if you had seen these in the big supermarkets.
The article talks about the commercialisation of Easter, the "Christmasisation".

Is it only me who finds this horrible?
What do you think?

ThEmIrRoR said...

I thought the same thing... how sad

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