Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Muslims of the World...Uniting

I know this is going to sound awfully Islamophobic but over the last couple of weeks I've seen this advertisement on You Tube and other mainstream websites.

Somewhere out there exists a Muslim dating agency now advertising on a global scale and in a way in which one presumes 'Ave Maria' Singles simply cannot afford to.

On Catholic sites one would maybe expect a Catholic singles advert to appear, but it must cost rather a lot of money to be able to advertise on YouTube, now owned by Google. Perhaps one might see a Jewish dating site on a Jewish site. On ordinary, mainstream sites, I'm yet to see a Catholic dating agency or a Jewish dating agency. I don't know what to make of it really. I suppose first time I saw it I was just a bit shocked and thought, 'Gosh, well I didn't expect to see that here.' Of course, I could say something like, "Phwoar...look at the burka on that!", but I'm not that immature or culturally insensitive.

Let's face it, Muslims are better at doing religion than us. They do the basics better than us. They pray regularly, they breed and they pass on their Faith to their children. Perhaps it is no wonder they've got a dating agency able to advertise on YouTube and we haven't.


epsilon said...

They can certainly teach us a thing of two about being open about the practising the Faith!!

Nutjob for Jesus said...

I'd still rather be crap at being a Catholic than good at being a Muslim (or anything else). We might not be allowed to do The Bad Thing but we can have as many bacon butties as we like.

Maria said...

As my old Irish granny used to say "On Our Lady's honour" Nuts for Jesus really exists!
Check it out:

Tim, was that you? You suggested the name in an earlier comment.
What are you doing here? You are normally hanging around Roehampton waiting for a glimpse.
When are you going to return to being the traddie you really are and come back to me?
If not, Laurence could we start a speed dating blog for traddies. The Cathsoc guys here are mostly heavy-drinking liberals.

Amazed Grace said...

Unbelievably hypocritical comment from an RC blog author who earns a living creating controversy...

"Actually, I think hanging
around ......... Blogs all day slagging off various contributors is rather weird in itself... I mean, don't you have anything better to do?"

If RCs decided to do something else the author would be out of a job.

Sober Cathsoc guy said...

I'm serious here man.
There are RC dating sites but you never know who you are going to get.
You can ask which church they go to which will give you a clue where they stand on issues,liturgy etc but both males and females will reply to please if they fancy you and the trouble comes later-trust me!
They may be Catholics, I don't doubt it, but that can mean pretty much anything nowadays.

Little tip here. If "traddie" men can at least listen to other viewpoints without an immediate rejection they will have greater success with girls who,in my opinion, tend to be liberals from post VATII parents.

Sofia said...

Not gonna lie Nutjob, I'm not entirely sure that we -can- 'have as many bacon butties as we like'...

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