Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Voris on Controversy with Diocese of Scranton

This program is from RealCatholicTV.com

Apparently Michael Voris was turned away from the Diocese of Scranton in the US, having arranged a talk. Here the Real Catholic TV man gives his response to the decision. He makes a couple of good points.


Jonathan Marshall said...

He makes some very good points - thank you for posting this, Laurence.

Hugh said...

To "The Watchers"

Please evaluate "THE BONES" blog in terms of its continuing development.
Note in particular the tone of the Soup Kitchen posts, its publicity for the LSE debate and the BBC Holy Week programming, and the recent fine comment in the Daily Telegraph Religion blog warmly acknowledged by the public.
Should vacancies (including financial support) arise on 2 May we wholeheartedly recommend this Blog as an illustration of growing scholarly insight.
Thank you.

epsilon said...

Hear, Hear, I second you Hugh!

I think we should send him in person anyhow as the voice of the people to the doors of the Vatican.

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