Saturday, 23 April 2011

St George

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St George's Day has fallen on a rather awkward day, liturgically. Still, let us honour this great Saint and Martyr recognised by the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church. Please pray for England, St George! I'm off to the Mater of all Masses. Have a Happy Easter! Christus Resurrexit! Deo gratias!


Tim said...

Happy Easter Laurence

Maureen said...

Easter Greetings!

Is the change of picture permanent? It is very nice,the warm colours are inviting.

I didn't manage to see the Easter crackers I commented on but a Danish friend said Easter trees to hang eggs on are traditional in Denmark so perhaps it will catch on. After all wasn't it Prince Albert who introduced Christmas trees to Britain from Germany.
It's just the blatant commercialism I object to.
Your have worked hard to find lovely Easter posts.
I'm just worried you are just bursting to explode on some contentious issue tomorrow!

PS. The "old geezer" is still waiting for instruction on Tweets. You do have an older audience of traddies so don't you think it would be good to briefly instruct us.

AndrewWS said...

Not actually the feast of St George the Martyr and Patron of England and much else, but belated birthday salutations to England's Bard!

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