Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ad Deum Qui Laetificat Juventutem Meam

Juventutem London, of whom I am sure readers are aware, are assembling their own schola so that they can have regular sung Masses, sung by members.

Juventutem are establishing groups around the country, the latest, I think having been formed in Bristol. I would definitely try and assist Juventutem in setting something up in Brighton, as I am still two years short of the 35-year-old threshold.

The cost of forming a choir, however, is not cheap, as they need funds for the choirmaster and materials. They estimate that it will cost £150-200 per Mass to fund this. This is going to be well worth it, and will allow us to have high quality liturgical music, ad majorem Dei gloriam. Please give generously to them.  The paypal 'donate' button is on the right of the Juventutem blog. Juventutem London will shortly be arranging a sponsored event for this cause as well.

Juventutem constitute something of a youth arm of the new liturgical movement that has been given such inspiration by the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. Images like the one above are surely the kind that will have Bobby Mickens and Catherine Pepinster more than a little concerned. O the times they are a-changin'!


Ryan's friend said...

Lambs and nice choirs.
Something wholesome at last. I logged on to take my mind off maniac gunmen before I go to bed.
My flat-mate made a comment on Brighton and Aids and I agree.
As a town it must be a horrible taste of Hell. Living there must warp the mind. No wonder you are attracted to the beauty of the TLM.
Good night Laurence.

Anonymous said...

£150-£200 per mass!!!

I'm in the wrong parish...

Juventutem London said...

Thanks so much Laurence!

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