Monday, 18 April 2011


I've succumbed.

My profile name is LaurenceEngland.


Jane said...

Yes, I know I have to do it too! A bit busy at the moment trying to fix my trip to Rome for the blogmeet. Not easy with the short notice and all. But Twitter is next on my priority list.

Thanks Laurence and God bless.

Old geezer again said...

In simple language please explain how I follow your Tweets?
Do I sign in or something?
(Genuine request on behalf of the
technologically challenged)

Thank you

On the side of the angels said...

we have you now!!!!

Patient old geezer said...

You haven't given me simple instructions yet.
Don't you want wrinklies and crumblies twittering?
We are the last of the real "traditionalists".
Somebody told Fr. Michael how to alter his blog, well how about some help for me!

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