Monday, 18 April 2011

High Court to Rule on Release of Department of Health Abortion Figures

Just going off to do some gardening. Obviously, I would take out an A-board with an image of the Crucified Christ on it while I'm working, but not only is it Lent, but in modern Britain today, I'd probably be sacked like that electrician.

Anyway, here is a story. The NHS and presumably even the Government Minister responsible for it are very, very keen indeed that real figures on the number of babies aborted for being 'imperfect' foetuses are not released into the public domain. What, I wonder, has the Department of Health got to hide?

According to The Telegraph...

 'The Department of Health is making a High Court challenge today to stop figures being published on the number of late abortions on "less than perfect" foetuses with physical abnormalities, including cleft palate and club foot.'

NHS, eh? National Hitler Service more like! Good work by the Pro-Life Alliance to push this. I wonder how the High Court will rule. I'd say this was a matter relevant to the public interest, wouldn't you? But then with a Government continuing to oversee the routine destruction of unborn children up to birth for purely eugenic reasons, with the full support of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, there is always a chance that support for such lawless corruption extends to the judiciary as well. Let's pray that this is not the case today.

Read the story here. Suffice to say, the only perfect foetuses in human history have been Our Blessed Lord and His Blessed Mother, the former being the only begotten Son of God, the latter being the chosen Mother of God, spared of the stain of Original Sin, who was 'full of Grace', conceived immaculately and who was therefore, without sin. Neither before nor after, has there ever been a 'perfect' foetus. Ah, I see...they think that perfection is an exterior thing. They think that beauty is skin deep. Ah, what a glorious age in which we live...I could go on, I haven't had a good rant in ages, but I've got to go gardening.

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