Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

There was a time when art communicated the inexplicable, when art allowed people to delve into the unfathomable Mystery of God, a time when art would help people to contemplate and meditate upon God.

That time may have passed, as modern artists no longer think of God, rather of offending those who revere Him, but we still have those timeless pieces of art that are able to say, 'There is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World'...'Behold, thy Mother'...'They shall look upon Him whom they have pierced'...'God is Love'.

Nowadays, artists just place a Crucifix in blood and urine and photograph it. A bold statement of humility is such an action. It is a statement that says, "It is true, I have no artistic talent. I can only make money out of offending those who revere Jesus Christ. I have nothing, absolutely nothing to say to the World. All that could and should be said, has been said and I have come to despise it."

In modern art, God is mocked or blasphemed. In this Pieta, God is allowed to speak. Modern art says nothing. This painting says a thousand words and thousands more. God has died. God has died for the love of us. Well done to French Catholics. Now that it has been smashed, the 'art work' actually says something. It has been mildly improved. We could do with more Catholic vandals who target the art world. That said, well done to Bishop Arthur Roche.


Left-footer said...

Time for Catholics to get tough. Perhaps we shall live to see the return of the Church Militant.

ThEmIrRoR said...


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