Friday, 22 April 2011


While gardening yesterday, I disturbed an ants' nest under a paving slab. Suddenly ants were everywhere, on the ground. Under the slab, in the mud were ridges that made it look like they had built a whole city, which I guess they had. What I found astonishing was the way in which loads and loads of ants were only thinking of one thing. "Save the babies!"

Every ant was running around looking for pupae to carry down a hole leading to either that city or another one that they would soon be forced to build thanks to my barbaric trashing of their home. Every ant was intent only on rescuing the babies and taking them down a hole to protect them.

The whole thing reminded me rather of the excellent work of the Pro-Life movement, the Good Counsel Network in particular. How much greater is the ant's dedication to rescuing the unborn than the human race's! Be like the ant: Say no to abortion! Defend and protect every human life!


pp, Press Office said...

BBC Radio 4 Press Memo

To mark Good Friday BBC One presents What Is The Point In Forgiveness? Historian Bettany Hughes explores the notion of forgiveness throughout history. Bettany undertakes a journey through more than 2,000 years to find out whether and how forgiveness has benefited humankind.

Just after 3pm, as Christians mark the hour of Christ's suffering in words of prayer, readings and music, BBC Radio 4 presents Good Friday Liturgy. Professor Tina Beattie, Director of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Catholic Studies at Roehampton University, visits Jerusalem and what may have been the actual places of trial, suffering and resurrection in the story of Christ's Passion.

On BBC Radio 2, Aled Jones presents At The Foot Of The Cross. St Albans Cathedral is the glorious setting for meditation in words and music for Good Friday. Music, poetry and readings from the Bible read by Hugh Bonneville and Emma Fielding tell the story of the crucifixion with, at its centre, a complete performance of Fauré's Requiem (8.00pm.
Thank you for your interest.

Catholic formicologist said...

Another good experiment would be to seal the ants in a glass case and deprive them off food for a day or so - they would start to consume their own young in a bid to ensure the stability of the colony. A message to humans: eat your children when you are hungry. Laurence seems to think so!

The Bones said...

We, on the other hand, just kill children because they're 'inconvenient'.

Catholic formicologist said...

Sorry, when do we do that? The law quite clearly states that is not permissible grounds for abortion. Some people might do that, but then some people do in fact eat their kids - there is no way to legislate against insanity. But 'we' as a society do not allow abortion on the grounds of inconvenience. I suggest you read the abortion laws again

The Bones said...

Gosh, you are naive.

me said...

"But 'we' as a society do not allow abortion on the grounds of inconvenience."

I suppose it all depends on one's definition of inconvenient. I have known at least seven acquaintances who have had abortions because of reasons such as their careers, time gap between births, (that was a second pregnancy after a two year gap) another didn't want her 'me time' spoiled and another because her family would look down on the situation, as the father was socially beneath their family's 'respectability' status.

The second pregnancy I myself had confirmed, at the doctor's, she asked me if I wanted to keep 'it'? I was married and had a home and security at the time. I found the question rather odd, coming from a doctor.

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