Thursday, 7 April 2011

Penance: Tina Beattie on Good Friday

Share in His Passion by following BBC's coverage of Holy Week

Some kind soul left this comment in my com-box for the last post. Professor Tina Beattie, our favourite ideologically-motivated, pin-up dartboard theologian will be presenting a programme on Good Friday for Radio 4. Unsurprisingly, the BBC's coverage of Holy Week looks less than inspirational...

'Just after 3pm, as Christians mark the hour of Christ's suffering in words of prayer, readings and music, BBC Radio 4 presents Good Friday Liturgy. Professor Tina Beattie, Director of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Catholic Studies at Roehampton University, visits Jerusalem and what may have been the actual places of trial, suffering and resurrection in the story of Christ's Passion.'

"Join me, Tina Beattie, in the Holy Land, where I'll be tracing the footsteps of Jesus - the places where he lived, walked, died and established the roots of gnosticism, liberalism and campaign for female ordination on Mary Magdalen..."


Mulier Fortis said...

"...what may have been the actual places of trial, suffering and resurrection in the story of Christ's Passion..."

what may have been...????

The Bones said...


It's so important that we have a 'questioning faith' that doesn't actually believe anything.

You Taliban Catholics are so dogmatic. It may be that Our Lord's trial, suffering and resurrection took place in Western Samoa or somewhere else. ;-)

It is Tina, isn't it...It'll be worth listening to in order to see what she actually makes of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord. Who knows? A pilgrimage may do her some good. When she returns she might actually teach the Faith.

Mike said...

In fairness, are the actual places of Christ’s trial, suffering and resurrection known beyond doubt? Yes, we all know that they took place in or around Jerusalem but do we definitely know where exactly?

Every year St Aloysius College in Glasgow (run by the Jesuits) organises a series of lectures. They are called the Gonzaga lectures. This year the theme is Exploring Christian Life and the 4 speakers are:
Fr J-Glen Murray SJ
Prof Keith Ward (Heythrop)
Professor Werner Jeanrod (Protestant)
How lucky we are:
Tina Beattie who will talk on “Catholicism and Feminism in Dialogue and Conflict”

Now there are umpteen excellent and orthodox Catholic theologians we could be listening to (See, for example, the list of people lined up for the Evangelium Conference) but St Aloysius prefers Tina Beattie.
Maybe going along would have been a good opportunity for practising penance but too late now.
Last year they invited Professor Thomas Groome from the USA. Fortunately the volcanc ash disrupted his flight.

Gabrielle, faithful 'Bones' reader said...

I really love Tina (and I'm straight).
Come back to this after the event and we'll see if it offends or enlightens.
Should get the blog counter going.

James said...

So that's where she's been.
I thought I saw her on Father Ray's video of the auditorium at the Los Angeles Congress Eucharist, about 12.28 minutes in, an illuminated section of the audience.

Watch out for Tim blogging now news is out about the Good Friday broadcast. He describes her as "a fit bird" which she would hate. He's got a bet on that he'll get Tina out for a drink before too long.
I just hope she hasn't returned from the Holy Land all ascetic and dreamy.
Those St Aloysius College people better brace themselves.
Is that Icelandic volcano rumbling again?

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