Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yellowstone: Mysterious, Beautiful and Potentially Cataclysmic

Fr Z, with exemplary apostolic zeal for souls, urges his readers to prioritise the things that keep them awake at night, suggesting people still concerned about 'global warming' downgrade climate change and upgrade Yellowstone National Park in the alarmism stakes.

I remember watching Supervolcano, a BBC programme that dramatised events unfolding after a future eruption of Yellowstone, the huge magma chamber slumbering beneath one of the World's most outstanding areas of natural beauty. It was very frightening, much like that one about a 'megatsunami' that could be caused by a chunk of La Palma falling into the ocean and wiping out the East coast of the US. None of us knows the day or the hour when we are called to give an account of our lives, when the state of our souls will be made plain before God. If there is anything to learn from the horror of Japan, let it be that. If there is anything to be gained from watching any dramatisations of potential future horrors, let it be that.

On the other hand, if you just want a glimpse of the sheer beauty of Yellowstone and its animal inhabitants, watch the excellent hour long BBC documentary entitled, quite simply, Yellowstone. The series captures the seasons of Yellowstone National Park and the first episode covers the park's gruelling winter.


Gabrielle said...

Nice Laurence.

The BBC does some beautiful documentaries. Let's hope the Holy Week broadcasts are what we want to hear.

PS. Watch out for LOL on comments.
I've been told it's a code for 'Liberals Online' to get round censorship!
Devious lot.

Bad boy Brendan said...

Great photo, interesting subject.
"None of us knows the day or the hour when we are called to give an acount of our lives..."

Off topic but what does this below mean?...

"...we imagine that there will be a strong presence of Catholic bloggers in this area. We refer to them but we also hope to repeat this with non-believers.”
Card. Gianfranco Ravasi
President, Pontifical Council for Culture. (May 2 Conference)

How is the choice of "believer" to be made in May?
Who judges the "orthodoxy" of the applicants?
Are the ABs (Adversarial Blogs) to be excluded?
If a blog has a history of bluntly challenging "liberal" thinking what will be the attitude?
Will the "bad boys" be on some sort of black list?
God forbid!

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