Friday, 15 April 2011

An English Voris? Yes, Please!

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Another compelling video by Michael Voris of Vortex fame, this time answering the criticism some have made that his speeches are 'insensitve to other religions.' Voris has a cutting edge that is attractive. He speaks truth openly and that makes him unpopular with many. It is no wonder that he is considered 'too hot to handle' for Church property. Can you imagine an English Michael Voris saying things that shake members of the English Hierarchy out of their complacency? I can think of a few who would throw a fit should an English Voris emerge!


Sofia said...

I'll do it if you write the scripts. Plus I'm a woman - added edge of controversy.

trad blogs watcher said...

we all thought you WERE the english voris!

SC45 said...

To amateur "trad blogs watcher"

Please register with The Watchers for an official pseudonym when you will also receive instructions.
Do not use acronyms without guidance eg LOL- known code for Liberals Online.

Laurence. How would you feel about being England the English Voris?

Juventutem London said...

I think short pithy and funny songs would be a good way of 'being the English Voris' because, as I was discussing with someone today, one can't just copy the man. But Laurence has the humour and eloquence to be able to do this. You are the chosen one!

The Bones said...

Songs...That's an interesting idea. A musical Voris.

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