Remembering Those Riots

A disparate group of teenagers can quickly organise a massive riot in London, but the Catholic Church in England and Wales can mount no peaceful public demonstration against 'same-sex marriage' nor do they appear keen on encouraging us to join the demonstrators organising protests in solidarity with the 1.4 million who marched in Paris a week or two ago.


Dom said…
I get the impression that the Catholic Church in England and Wales has seen itself as becoming acceptable and 'respectable' In some ways to gain influence with the establishment: an establishment that treats our beliefs with contempt.

We went through centuries of discrimination and persecution before gaining emancipation, but what for? If it means that we are to frightened to stand up for Catholic truth then all the struggles our forefathers made were a waste of time.

We need better leadership.
Remember the proposals for a massive March for Life before certain individuals decided that marching wasn't their 'social thing' [not enough chance for lon-term publicity and pub visits] and it was too confrontational/political and X wouldn't attend if the too militant Y was attending and one group wouldn't attend if the major pro-life group was there and another select body decided they wouldn't share a platform with individual Z and A,B & C hadn't retracted defamatory accusations against D and then there are the arguments about what constitutes Pro-Life and the internal debacles over it having to be open to all faiths and none versus those maintaining it was to be christian or necesarily faith-based or even Catholic based. There are those violently defending the use of foetal imagery and those equally opposed to it, incrementalists vs absolutists/solidaritits, restrictionists versus abolitionists, those willing to give legislative exceptions/compromises to maternal risk, rape/incest/disability/IVF/surrogacy , pro euthanasia vs anti, pro-war vs anti, pro capital punishment vs anti, pro eco population control vs anti etc etc etc...

How do you think a march for Marriage would span out with the same grudges, antagonisms, vendettas, belligerences, ideologies...?

Plus I'm sorry to say this but the majority of Catholics don't understand the issues involved because they have never been told and have a tendency to opine that there's nothing really wrong with this 'equality' as it doesn't really harm anyone if they keep themselves to themselves...

They signed a petition because they were tod it was wrong without really having been told why it was wrong and the terrifying legal and social consequences...

We still had opponents wittering on about 'redefinition' [which they didn't even understand] and consequences for the Church and 'it's all about the kids'when what we're truly facing is a stitch-up which is ultimately going to completely abolish marriage altogether into a form of social contract without any recognition of mutual love, mutual sexual fidelity or even cohabitation.

Every sincere homosexual in the land who wishes to publicly express their exclusive love and fidelity to their partner should violently oppose this legislation as it gives them nothing what they want but everything that GLBT activist groups want - the power to legally coerce,eject and criminalise any 'institutionalised homophobia' according to their draconian definitions of it...

Because marriage for everyone is on the verge of being abolished - it will be publicly prohibited to make the promises that spouses would be naturally presumed to make [hence creating chaos for our canonical tribunals which can no longer validate any non-Catholic Christian civil marriage]

We simply never told the faithful what was happening and what is at stake...all this inane whittering on about marriage being for kids rather than relaying authentic Catholic teaching and what was being threatened by these proposals - never got through to the ordinary Joe and Jane Catholic - hence a battle was lost and the war [which could be won even now if we convince the Lords what is really happening] is failing...and when spuc are being sneered at by fellow Catholics for their present leaflet campaign? Frankly we deserve to lose..may God forgive us all.
Anonymous said…
Hello, Lawrence

The Dioceses of Southwark, A&B and Portsmouth support Cabrini whose adoption policy places children in same sex relationships. That being the case, it will be a farce for the Catholic Church in England and Wales to rally troops where some Bishops compromise the Catholic Church's position with regards the child's welfare and rights to a mother and father.

God bless

Anonymous said…
"At Cabrini we provide a prompt, professional and caring service. We have teams of highly experienced and committed adoption practitioners who offer thorough preparation, assessment and training to all applicants. We work with local authorities from all over the UK and the National Adoption Register to ensure the best possible match is made for each child referred. Once a child is placed with a family, we continue to offer extensive and far-reaching support that acknowledges the life-long nature of adoption.

We welcome people of all ages, cultures and faiths. You could be single or a couple, in a same sex or heterosexual relationship."

Diocesan collections for Cabrini appear in the Archdiocese of Southwark's Catholic Directory. Ironically, a faithful Catholic has no other option but to exercise conscientious objection against one's Diocese.

God bless

pelerin said…
The 'mariage pour tous' bill will be examined this afternoon in the French Senat and discussions are expected to go on until the 12th or 13th April.

According to the online newspaper '20 minutes' the voting is expected to be very close 'due to the continuing pressure of demonstrators who are not giving up their opposition.'

Two more demos are planned in Paris today and there will be a 'pray-in' in front of the Senat tonight organised I understand by what newspapers term 'integristes.'

Dom's comments about us in Britain being too frightened to stand up for the Truth says it all.
Lynda said…
Appeasement of their secular masters.
pelerin said…
Interesting to note that when the debate in the senate opened this afternoon it is reported that the attendance of members was sparse. However the press and public area was described as full to overflowing and the dynamic organiser of the Manif pour Tous was present.
pelerin said…
PS Anyone who wishes to follow the debate can find it live on the French version of Huffington Post site. (I failed to get the link from the Senat itself) There are indeed many empty seats there. I can only presume that those members absent have already made up their minds on how to vote and do not wish to be swayed one way or another.
pelerin said…
It's now 10.45 pm and the debates are still continuing. (I was one of 124 people watching for a short while on the internet) The demo took place earlier outside and people were asked to bring whistles, tom-toms, tin cans and saucepans! One report said that there were just under 1000 people there - in the rain.

Another big demo is being planned for May with the date of the 26th being a possibility.

2,500 French mayors are reported as saying that even if the law gets passed they will refuse to carry out 'same-sex-mariages'. After that report there were numerous comments saying that mayors should obey the law and if they don't like it then they should leave their jobs etc. There is a lot of anger on both sides.

A new word has now been added to the French language - 'homoparentalite'. They have already had 'monoparentalite' (single-parent families) (There should be an accent on the last e but I have not yet found out where they are on the keyboard!)

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