Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Lady the Country Needed is Still the Lady the Country Needs

We still need a true leader, a Lady, holy and strong, powerful and terrifying to the enemies of those who seek justice, virtue and right.

We still need a woman, a Lady, holy and strong, a protectress, a Mother of the nation, a rescuer, an advocate and guide.

We still need a heroine, a lady, a warrior, a Queen, holy and strong, just, yet merciful. Holy, powerful yet kind, compassionate and meek, who upholds the lives of the weak and the poor, who routs the proud of heart and who sends the rich empty away, until they seek justice and to do God's will!

We still need a leader, a woman, holy and strong, who will rout the enemies of justice, freedom, religion, virtue, terrify the enemies of true liberty and the oppressors who seek to enslave our once great nation. Who is this Lady?

She is the most powerful woman in all of history. Her pleadings and intercession can alter human history in a way in which no politician can. Who is this Lady? If she exists, why have we not sought her as men have sought holy wisdom itself!?

How can anyone be so powerful that few pay heed to her? How can one woman be the Lady through whose tender hands Grace passes and touches the human heart and soul, whose merciful gaze can alone bring men to repentance and seek to amend their lives!

Who is this Lady, under whose mantle the wretched, the poor and the despised find protection? Let us seek her and when we find her, never let her go!

Who is this Lady, whose power is so great that she can dismantle repressive regimes and oust totalitarian leaders and bring them to the destruction that their wickedness deserves!?

Let this nation find this Lady, so that this nation may begin to heal and find peace and reconciliation with itself and its past!

Who is this Lady? Who is she that cometh forth, fair as the moon and bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array? Let this nation seek her, adorn her and honour her, garland her with roses and every kind of flower, for she is its rightful Queen, and she is its rightful leader!

Who will uphold the rights of the poor?

Who will rout the proud of heart and bring down the mighty from their thrones?

Who will preserve England?

Who will defend the unborn?

Who will defend the family from those demonic attacks which assail it?

Who will defend religion?

Who will defend children?

Who will defend the Church?

Who will defend mothers and fathers?

Who can end the tyranny of sin and the dictatorship of relativism that devastates our nation?

Who will bring us out of the slavery of sin and into the way of holiness, justice and virtue?

Who can reconcile those who are at emnity and enable men and women to seek peace?

Who can defend both Argentinians and British citizens?

Is there a Lady who can save a nation? Then let us find her and when she is found, never let her go!

Who do the Angels fall down before in adoration and to whom do the Saints sing antiphons of praise continually in Heaven?

Who has even appeared on Earth to warn us of the terrible future of every nation and its millions of souls if we exclude God and commit ourselves to offending Him so grievously as we do?

O Blessed Lady! If only our people cried to you and your Divine Son instead of looking for false prophets and finding them! O Immaculate Queen, if only our politicians had sought you! If only our parliamentarians were parliamentarians of prayer! If only our people sought politicians who sought you! If only our nation sought you while you are still waiting to be found, still longing for us to be found!

Who is this Lady, so powerful before the Throne of God that God Himself calls her, 'Mother'?

How long, O Lord Jesus, will this nation suffer from its deprivation of the one Lady who is the guarantor of its its true liberty, brotherhood, peace, freedom and prosperity?

How long will it suffer for want of Our Lady, Your Mother and our rightful and true blue Heavenly Queen!? You have already given her to Poland! Please give her back to us!


A Catholic Comes Home said...

Love this post.Thanks.

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Love this post.Thanks.

Left-footer said...

So do I!

John Kearney said...

Yes, yes. There have been thousands of blogs written about how to reform the reform. But we forgot about her. When she was shown the door by European Bishops at VATICAN II, somehow we accepted the situation and began our own solutions. But we cannot survive, the Church cannot breath without Mary. Let us open the door they pushed her through and bring her in again. We need a group of people visiting parishes and schools on hr behalf.

Left-footer said...

My earlier comment was interrupted, and so brief.

You have written a beautiful piece, and as you mentioned that Our Lady is Queen of Poland, I have linked from my blog, with the picture of the Black Madonna and two versions of the Hymn "Marjo Królowa Polski" (O Mary Queen of Poland).

God bless!

Chloe said...

I know I'm late with this comment but, come on the LMS Walsingham pilgrimage in August. Let us grow in numbers until we show our love for Our Lady in an unmistakable way. There were about 90 of us in 2013. Can we not double that this year? It was wonderful!


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