Friday, 26 April 2013

Rules for Public Office

Rule # 1

Do not say anything negative about the Rothschild dynasty. If you have ever read anything negative about them and their role in the last 400 years of carnage and chaos, dismiss it out of hand as anti-semitism.

If you harbour any negative feelings or beliefs about the most powerful banking dynasty to have graced the Earth in all of human history then keep them all to yourself.

If you are concerned that this family can command governments, Kings and Queens on a global scale, just put those fears to the back of your mind.

If you are concerned that this family instituted 'think-tanks' for Governments and that their 'think-tanks' emerge with policies that soon become Government policies, do not worry since they are our benefactors and it is all for our own good.

If you still have concerns about a lack of real democracy and true freedom in the World and fear that this one family pulls the strings of Governments around the globe through a vast network of organisations under their control, you may speak out, but remember, if you do, you will be destroyed.

In a word: Do not mess with the Rothschilds. Only St Michael, the Archangel, Our Lady of Victories and Our Lord Jesus Christ can take on the Rothschilds and win. If this family saw their places in Hell, they would use their vast money for good - not for the good and enrichment of themselves and their friends, nor for the plunder and exploitation of nations and peoples. Until they meet with God, the One True God, rather than the Lucifer they worship, the World and all its vast minerals, gold, oil, political classes, mass media, wealth and riches, even right opinion itself, belongs, in a quite unique way, to them.

As well as human carnage, the last few centuries has seen an unprecedented rise in the commodification of the human person. you think the commodification of the human person might have been overseen by the banking sector? Could it really be?

Pray for them and then go back to sleep because if we knew all that this family had achieved in terms of sheer human carnage, we should die from the horror of it all. Now that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have officially done the deal that seals their personal fortunes into one House, expect double the chaos that we have hitherto experienced. These guys mean business.

"In principle, all politicians in power are subordinate to the Freemasons and the world was dominated by seven or eight people who kept all the money in their hands." ~ Fr Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist, Diocese of Rome

But what would he know...I mean, he's only an exorcist...

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