Saturday, 13 April 2013

Read it and Weep!

Damian Thompson and Tim Stanley (both Catholics) have covered the horrifying Kermit Gosnell story on their respective blogs for The Daily Telegraph.

But for the voices of Catholics, one can only presume that the mainstream British media would be operating its standard blackout procedure for horrendous abortion cases.

All abortion is evil and criminal, but when reading about Gosnell, no response, even of outright anger and contempt for him does the case or the man justice. Only tears can do that. Sadly, the same newspaper cannot muster enough courage to place Gosnell where he belongs, as front page news!


Chris Hall said...

Gosnell's actions are truly horrifying and inhuman and how the mainstream media aren't shouting this from the rooftops stuns me.

Lynda said...

It is the nonchalant response of much of the public to such barbarism that shows the grip of Satan on the world. Lord, come soon!

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