Friday, 26 April 2013

Pro-Marriage Protestor Stabbed Four Times by Homosexual Activists

On 13th April 2013 in Paris, Samuel Lafont, a young man taking part in the pro-family and pro-morality demonstration organized by La Manif Pour Tous, was stabbed four times in the back by vicious homosexual activists.

Lafont, who was unarmed like all the protestors, was [...] pushed to the ground and deliberately, savagely attacked. He had to be taken to the Georges Pompidou hospital where he received emergency surgery.

He has been in a grave condition in intensive care ever since. Two of his companions were also wounded but less severely. One was stabbed in the arm and another once in the back. The morning after the riot, rabid homosexuals were rejoicing in this news, and exchanging messages on Twitter saying they hoped Samuel was dead.

The attack was planned and the day before it was carried out, Samuel had been threatened with murder on social media, for his part in leading the youth wing of the demonstrations. The attack took place near the Odéon junction in central Paris, where Lafont, aged 25, was planning to address the crowd.

The former minister Christine Boutin who supports La Manif pour Tous confirmed what had taken place and, on Twitter, called for the President, Francois Hollande, to condemn the violence. So far he has said nothing. And so far, the police have not arresyed any suspects for the shameful attack.

If you can translate French, read the report here. Ah, what peace and harmony 'equal marriage' is bringing to Europe...


Lynda said...

Sometimes the minions proudly display who their leader is. This is not surprising. Those who stand against the legalisation of evil, and attacks on the sanctity of life and marriage are routinely threatened.

Mike said...

So the news story you linked to claims the attack was not for his views, and one of the comments suggests the attackers were arrested and were not part of a homosexual group. Do you have other information suggesting otherwise?

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