Monday, 1 October 2012

BBC in Sex Abuse Cover Up Scandal

Presumably, the BBC knew of this skeleton in the Jim'll Fix It closet while they were running  salacious and highly misleading stories concerning the Catholic Church in the run up to the Papal Visit. Despite the fact that this story is front page news in most newspapers today, the BBC don't seem too keen to report their role in the Saville saga.


independent said...

Did they not go easy on the Rochdale Case also? Other sources pointed out that the ringleader was a religious teacher from the local mosque. Would they have mentioned it if he had been a prominent member of a local church?

Fr Austin said...

Wrong! I heard of the Jimmy Saville allegations a long time ago around the time of the Pope's visit. Yesterday I watched a report on the main news with a long interview with Eszther Ranzen detailing the allegations in detail - she ended by concluding she had no doubt they were true. Today also I heard a long piece )around 10 minutes) on Radio 4 with interviews with his friends etc. Just go look at the BBC website.

John said...

As the Catholic Herald said when he died, 'why the conspiracy of silence about his Catholic faith?' What powerful multinational conspiratorial institution in a tax haven with its own global police force and criminal courts would want to conceal allegations that one of its members was a paedophile - I wonder! But to respond to your question: why do fewer people care when a minor TV presenter abuses kids than when a man who claims to be an agent of God's absolute Truth abuses kids then has his crime covered by the one institution that pretends to defend absolute morality? Because it's far worse for an institution that pretends to defend absolute morality to lie and corrupt in order to hide paedophiles in its tax exempt palace of evil

The Bones said...

As far as I know the Church has no 'global police force'. Perhaps you could enlighten me on that one. Do you mean the Swiss guard?

Child abusers and sex offenders are present in every institution - not just the Catholic Church.

My point is that the same media that castigated priests for their crimes covered up for a celebrity because he was in their employment. Not only did they cover it up, but it was supposedly an open secret in the BBC that all was not well with Jimmy.

I'm not excusing the Church's role at a local level for covering up the crimes of some Catholic priests.

I'm just wondering why the BBC should attack the Church (and the Pope who did no such thing by the way) should attack the Church for this cover up when the same BBC were doing exactly the same.

It's called hypocrisy.

The Bones said...

Of course, you are right to say it is worse for the Church to do it.

However, at school you'll have been taught that two wrongs do not make a right.

Surely the BBC bosses of the time should be tried for crimes against humanity (in the words of AC Grayling)?

The Bones said...

John, go away.

You obviously think that there was a conspiracy involving the Pope over the abuse crisis.

Moreover, you believe the entire Catholic Church is built on fabrications.

So quite why you read my blog, which tries to communicate these beliefs that you think are fabrications is a mystery.

You are clearly very prejudiced against the Church, the Pope and Catholicism before you even start out.

You've had your say, but I'll not have people defaming the Holy Father here, thank you very much.

Savonarola said...

Appalling yes, but one Jimmy Savile is hardly on a par with the endemic abuse found in the Catholic Church everywhere it seems - and with still many countries we haven't yet heard from, not to speak of the failure to take responsibility and systematic cover-up by the hierarchy consisting of supposed Christian pastors. Catholics should stop grasping at every little excuse to minimise the Church's guilt and own up openly and honestly to the failure of the system, as they have scarcely yet begun to do. Paedophile abuse is only one example of the abuse of power in the Church which gets worse and worse

Fr Austin said...

Savonarola + 1.

These people think they are defending the church but actually they are collaborating in a conspiracy of denial and minimisation. Jimmy Saville never had formal complaints made against him which were witheld from the police, and he was never moved to another parish/job afterwards. I totally agree that the church's child abuse scandal is more about the systematic cover-up by those in authority.

The Bones said...

You and the filthy, wretched BBC are hypocrites.

Do you think to the victims, that because Saville wasn't reported to the police (though he was investigated), the fact that the BBC knew what was going on and covered up for him makes things okay?

Think of his victims!

That's what you're always telling the Church!

Now it turns out he was involved in the Jersey care home scandal in which, you know, children ended up actually getting abused routinely and killed!

The BBC knew of Saville's antics and COVERED IT UP because he was a high profile celebrity.

Their hypocrisy is rank because they were accusing the Church of doing this when they were doing exactly the same thing!


Savonarola said...

'Two wrongs do not make a right.' I think this is what we are saying. The fact that Jimmy Savile abused children and had his abuse concealed by the BBC (which I called "appalling") does not excuse the Catholic Church for its abuse and cover-up. I find it quite chilling that Catholics are still saying that abuse is found everywhere as if that makes Catholic abuse any better. As John says, 'it's far worse for an institution that pretends to absolute morality to lie and corrupt in order to hide paedophiles.' The Church needs to acknowledge that and not seek to minimise its guilt if it wants ever again to have any moral standing with people at large. My experience is that they may seem to listen respectfully and cheer the Pope when he visits, but privately they regard the Church's pretensions to lecture society on abortion, euthanasia and other moral issues as a sick joke.

The Bones said...

Did I ever say the sexual abuse crisis that engulfed the Church was in any way excusable?


What I did say was that the BBC were attacking the Church, while desperately trying to implicate the Pope in the crimes (something they were unable to prove), while knowing they were guilty of cover up over Saville.

That's not excusing the Church.

It's simply saying the BBC are hypocrites on their own left-wing moral high horse.

GWAM said...

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